- Weddings/Special Events (with staff) **$25 per person/hour **Sales Tax
- Drop off Catering $250min within City Limits, $400 outside **$30 setup**
- Pick up $150 minimum


BYOTB (Build Your Own Taco Bar) Starting at $12 per person

Includes the following:

Chicken, Beef or Carnitas
(vegetarian option available)

-Main < 35 choose 2 > 35 choose 3 comes with veg
-Salsas: Gomez, Kowabunga, Corn, Verde, Pineapple
-Fixins: Guacamole, Sour Cream, Lettuce, and Queso Fresco(or shredded)
-Flour Tortillas(Hard and Soft Corn available upon request), Corn Chips

**Served on disposable catering sets with sternos, servings boats, serving utensils, and napkins.

Additions for an extra charge

Beans(black/pinto) and Rice: $1.50 per person
Pickled Onions: $15
Cilantro Slaw (vegan): $10
Baja Sauce : $15
Hot Sauce: $15
Ranch: $10
Guacamole: $30
Melted Queso: $35
Jalapeno Cilantro Caeser: Sm $25 Lrg $40
7 Layer Taco Dip: Sm $30 Lrg $50