Stop in for the food, and stick around for a drink or two! From our rotating taps of craft beer to our long list of signature cocktails & margaritas, we’ve got the perfect pairing to keep it fresh!

Available at Gomez in Walnut Hills & at Halfcut, nextdoor to Gomez in OTR.



Our signature dish! Like a burrito, but sealed in with an extra cheesy, tostada crunch and topped off with our signature baja sauce.


Not just for Tuesdays! Three freshly made, soft shell tacos served just the way you like it with your choice of protein and salsa.


Wrap yourself in the deliciousness of our burritos! With your choice of fresh ingredients, packed inside a flour tortilla and ready to go.

burrito bowls

Break our of your shell with our burrito bowls! Everything you’ve ever loved about a taco salad, but better!

chips & salsa

Taste real Tex-Mex! Our famous, hand-crafted signature salsas are made fresh in-house daily.